VIP / Close Personal Protection Training

VIP / Close Personal Protection Training




Welcome to Equites Protection Services VIP / Close Personal Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) Training Program! This in person or Online In Real Time course sessions will teach you the principles of becoming a professional VIP / Close Personal Protection Specialist in today’s security industry. The VIP / Close Personal Protection Specialist Training Certificate Course will provide you with applied knowledge on how to properly and safely escort your principal(s) to and from all type of locations, how to set- up advanced secure team placements, team formations and much more. We offer 1 on 1 personal sessions, Group networking sessions, Coaching and Mentoring at your pace. Below are just some of the practical applications we are offering;

• Functions Of A Personal Protection Specialist
• Popular Misconceptions
• Break Down Of Responsibilities
• Traveling / Arriving At Destinations
• Geographic Studies / Crisis Management Planning
• Planning And Assigning Responsibilities
• Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
• Emergency / Contingency Planning
• Threat Vulnerability Assessments And Risk Analysis

The material in this course will give you the foundation that will support your personal goals and enable you to manage direct threats that are posed against the principal(s) life and or property. Having to learn the most valuable lessons demonstrated in this course, is that all types of threat exists and are very real and the obstacles and preparation as a Protection Specialist must achieve in order to protect a person’s life and property successfully.

If you are serious about making a career change or serious about entering the security industry, Contact us today and prepare yourself in one of the world’s well known occupations in the field of VIP / Close Personal Protection. To receive your information packet which includes Schedule of availability, Student registration form, Course of study list, Affordable Tuition fees and Student payment plan, Contact Us Today.

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