Our Company


Equites Protection Services is a Licensed and Bonded Private Security / Private Detective Agency which has been established in the Year 2002 and having 21 years of experience in providing Bodyguard / Investigative Services to (Political, Religious, Celebrity, Corporate Executive Figures and to the Private Sector) . At E.P.S., we present an array of Crime Prevention Techniques in many areas, which our client’s feel vulnerable to Theft, Fraud, Vandalism, Sabotage, Terroristic Threats, Stalking, Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence and other serious criminal activities. E.P.S. is not just your average Private Security / Investigation Agency; we are a specialized agency that manages direct threats that pose negative effect to Businesses and Life Threatening Situations to Individuals or members of their family. Contact Us Today to know more about our agency services, and what we can do for you or your business in preventing the risks of you becoming a potential victim of a crime.


Our mission is to identify, assess and manage direct threats that may pose negative effect to business production and life threatening situations to a private individual or members of their family. From criminals who engage into these criminal acts only to profit from those victims or companies and will do anything to become successful into doing so. We will conduct quality investigations, which is completed in a timely basis. Our security specialists will present detailed, accurate reports of any criminal misconduct that is discovered. We will also conduct in-depth interviews and gather factual evidence in support of our investigation. Upon completion of the operation, our security specialists are prepared to provide professional testimony at any proceedings. We also provide the following investigative services, but not limited to:


• Personal Protection / Escorts (Dom & Int’l)
• Security Patrol Services (Residential / Estate / Commercial) Properties
• Special Events Security
• Skip Tracing / Missing Persons Search
• Locating & Interviewing Witnesses
• Identity Theft & Fraud
• Undercover Investigations
• Litigation Support
• Surveillance
• Judgement Recovery Support
• Parental Abduction


Travel Services We Provide:
At EPS, We are not just your Personal Security Specialists. We are your Personal Travel Source. Our careful planning and preparation in Travel Security Contingency to ensure that our client’s have a piece of mind during the course of their travels. Inquire about our annual Travel Security Monitoring Membership Program for your Personal & Business Travel Security Needs.  (“Your Destination Awaits You”)
Note: Security and Investigation Services are not included and are separate fee’s to our Travel Membership Services. For Security purposes, we reserve the right to verify all method of payments made for all of our agency services (Travel, Security And Investigations).



For more information, simply send us an e-mail at EPSSEC@aol.com or if you would like to speak to an agent, give us a call at 973-202-6351. Security Specialists are available for assignments based on our client’s request. We assure you that your privacy is our top priority and all information we obtain is kept strictly confidential. We strive for excellence in all we do and ensure quality performance to our client’s satisfaction.