Security Guard

EPS trains its security personnel to offer top-notch bodyguard services to all our clients. Whether you need to feel safe while stepping out of the house, want security for your place of work, or need personal protection for a VIP event, we have you covered.


Private Event

Contact us if you wish to hire security for your high-profile private event to ensure your guests remain and feel safe. Our security personnel team has the training to offer threat prevention and contingency plans to safeguard all your guests and VIP attendees.


Motivated Guards

Our security team has the experience and knowledge to offer meticulous security. We assess, monitor, and prepare contingency plans against all criminal activities and security threats our clients might face. Our guards can also give testimonies to support you whenever needed.


24/7 Services

We understand that security services can be needed at any time of the day. It is why our priority is to protect our clients at all costs. We offer 24/7 security services to fulfill your client’s needs and ensure they are safeguarded from all threats whenever they require, including traveling at odd hours.


Equites Protection Services is an experienced, licensed, and bonded private security agency that offers incomparable security services, bodyguard services, and more. We established EPS in 2002 to provide quality bodyguard services, VIP & executive protection services, patrol services, and bodyguard training to all and sundry.

At EPS, we have worked diligently for more than 21 years to protect business executives, politicians, celebrities, religious figures, royalty, corporate sector individuals, small businesses, and more from terroristic threats, theft, trespassing, stalking, vandalism, burglary, hate crimes, employee violence, loitering, stalking, DV, and other criminal activities. We use a vast array of crime prevention techniques to offer exemplary security guard services to our clients.


EPS Offers Specialized Security Services

We are not your run-of-the-mill private security company; EPS is a specialized agency that manages direct threats to businesses and people and keeps them out of life-threatening situations. We offer tailored security services that can fulfill your specific needs and protect you from becoming a victim of criminal activity.


Our Mission

“We aim to identify, evaluate, and prevent direct threats that might hurt your business and lead to fatal situations for you and your loved ones. We strive to protect unsuspecting individuals and businesses from criminals who want to profit from them. Our security specialists are trained to use preventative measures to manage risks, present detailed and accurate reports of criminal deeds, conduct comprehensive interviews, and collect factual evidence to support the discovery of criminal activity. We also offer professional testimonies at court proceedings when required. Our mission has always been to safeguard our clients in whatever capacity they require.”


EPS Safety & Security Services

Equites Protection Services provides various tailored services, including bodyguard services & domestic and international escorts, security services, property patrol services, private event security, supervised visitations, concierge services, and travel services. You can rest assured that our services are top-notch since our business is focused on offering security and protection to our clients.

We Also Offer Travel Services

At EPS, we offer personal travel security. Our security contingency includes thorough planning to ascertain our clients can have a peaceful travel experience, even at short notice. We provide our clients with an annual Travel Security Monitoring Membership Program that caters to their personal and business travel security needs. We ensure that you reach your destination safely and with your peace of mind intact.


Let Us Protect You & Yours

EPS was established to strive for excellence in offering quality security and protection and ensure our clients’ satisfaction at all times. If you need more information on Equites Protection Services or want to benefit from our security services and more, email us at Alternatively, if you prefer to communicate with an agent and have your queries and concerns addressed promptly, call us at 973-202-6351.

Our security agents are available for assignments based on specific client requests. We prioritize our clients’ privacy above all, and all the data we obtain from you is kept under strict confidentiality. Lastly, we always focus on fulfilling our client’s requests, so reach out to us so that we may protect you, your loved ones, and your assets and interests.

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