Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say about our executive protection services and bodyguard security services:

– I.C.

Transportation/Yard Operations Manager

“The best in Security and Investigation services. EPS delivers excellence and professionalism with commitment, honorability and focus. The attention to clients concerns, the level of experience and the dedication is exemplary. Any and all locations with valuable commodities are subject to dangers to persons and the possibility of theft. It is a reality not to be taken lightly. When the time came, I did not hesitate to contact EPS for a full security assessment. They were very thorough and explained in great detail our options for security measures, effective safeguards and safety action plans. With EPS, we had more peace of mind. I highly recommend Equites Protection Services.”


– G.J.O

Attorney / Municipal Prosecutor

“The Law Offices of G. J. O, LLC, has used the services of Equites Protection Services for the last five years. Its owner has always been there to take care of several of our needs from subpoena services to investigative services. The quality of service offered by EPS has been highly impressive. It is a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. From start to finish their services has been more than excellent. A call or an email is answered immediately. I sincerely recommend EPS.”


– J. J. C

Essex County, NJ

“A friend of mine, who was going through a long and painful child custody dispute with her unstable ex-husband, was granted court order motions in her favor to which her ex-husband was to undergo a psychological evaluation and drug screening. The Court also ruled that the ex-husband was only to have supervised visitation of their son until both tests were completed and of course, passed. Their son was in danger in many aspects under this man’s rule, who threatened the use of firearms, psychotic rambling, sociopath and jealous obsessive behavior (stalking). I personally sought out Equites Protection Services as the possible supervisors for the supervised visitation. Given their reputation as a thorough, professional and efficient security company, I thought that they would make the perfect guardians to handle a situation such as this; where a 7 year-old boy was in jeopardy by a jealous father threatening to use firearms and threatening to take his son out of country. E.P.S. stepped in with the utmost professionalism and through their normal routine, saw the warning signs of an unstable man trying to manipulate a situation, rather than a concerned father seeing his son. This man refused to engage any further with E.P.S. and prolonged the legal battle further, which prolonged supervised parenting time as well; all of which exposed his true nature. E.P.S. we’re not selected as the official guardians of the supervised visits, however Jose Marrero at E.P.S. was deeply concerned and went beyond his call of duty and submitted a report to both legal counsels and the Court, defining in detail all which involved E.P.S in the case and the ex-husband’s questionable behavior. This was literally one day of work for E.P.S. but they are professional, loyal and no matter how small the job is, they will give you their very best. Their testimony went a long way as it further proved an ill-intentioned man’s methods. This is how good they truly are.”


– R.P.

Legal Administrator / Law Firm Management

“During my countless efforts in searching for my missing father who I have not seen since I was 13 years old, and using all forms of resources for my search. Asking relatives from my father’s side, friends regarding his where about’s, Interviewing members of the Salvation Army, Homeless Shelters, Community Services, Re-visiting old addresses of where he might of been seen, but was unsuccessful in locating him. After encountering many dead ends in searching for my father, I decided to hire the services of a Private Security and Investigation Company. When retaining the services of Equites Protection Services for assistance, I met with Private Investigator and Owner of E.P.S. I explained my situation and efforts of attempts to locate my father. Within a few months, Private Investigator and Owner of E.P.S. notified me with promising news that my father has been found. During my conversation with the Private Investigator, I was at pause. Words couldn’t express how I felt at that point in time when receiving the good news. The Private Investigator explained that my father and I needed to be screened before any information could be released between the both of us. Even though, I needed to explain my relationship and provide a few personal details about myself. My father also needed to explain and confirm his relationship and provide personal details about him for protection reasons. After a month or so, I was finally reunited with my father. Private Investigator / Owner of E.P.S., has not only demonstrated professionalism, understanding regarding the search for my father. He took the necessary measures to ensure the Safety and Protection of confidential information between my Father and Myself. By far, I recommend the professional services of E.P.S. to any person of company in need for Personal Protection or Investigation Services.”


– J. A.

Security Specialist / Commercial and Facility Property Management

“Having the opportunity at the age of nineteen to experience and complete the Equites Protection Services VIP Close Personal Protection / Bodyguard Training Course not only has had a positive impact in my life, but has helped me become successful in my career as a full time security specialist. Throughout the course I learned an array of defensive tactical principles in protecting life and property and understanding the threats that can potentially occur to some one’s life and or cause business interruptions due to criminal activity. Before completing this course, I sought employment in the security industry and applied to several different security companies not having the training and skills to meet there requirements for employment opportunities. In 2 weeks, after finally completing the VIP Close Personal Protection / Bodyguard Training Course, I applied and interviewed for employment with a Security Company and the employers were pleasantly surprised with my résumé and immediately brought me aboard when they noticed I had this training experience I achieved. Overall, having the chance to experience and complete this course at a young age has been a successful decision I made in my life and also having to learn the most valuable lessons demonstrated in the course, is that a threat exists and is very real and the obstacles and preparation as a security specialist must achieve in order to protect a person’s life and property successfully. I am grateful for having my instructor teach me everything he knows because without him I wouldn’t have gone as far as I have and shall continue to grow. I highly recommend the Close Personal Protection / Bodyguard Training Course to anyone wanting to enter in this type of Profession.”


– R. F.

Security Specialist / Former Corrections Officer

“I enrolled in the VIP Close Personal Protection / Bodyguard Training course with Equites Protection Services, and it has been the best program I have ever experienced. I learned more from my instructor than any security, firearms or academy training. The program helped me get a better understanding of the field as far as the logistics, assessments, advancement work etc. as a Security Specialist. Throughout the course I learned the defensive tactics principles for protecting the client and client property due to criminal activity or terrorist threat. The threat is always there when you least expect it and EPS has prepared me on how to handle those dangerous situations. I am glad to say that my instructor (owner of EPS) Jose has mentored me to be a better person not only as a Security Specialist but into a Professional. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in this field to take the VIP Close Personal Protection / Bodyguard Training course with Jose, you will learn a lot and you will definitely get a lot more practice and education for your investment compared to other agencies.”


– C. D.

Business Professional

“I cannot begin to describe the quality of service Jose brought to me to better my quality of life. His support, protection and incredible knowledge single handedly guided me through each step of a complicated and violent domestic situation. I am forever grateful for Jose’s being by my side through it all and for the upmost integrity I received from Equities Protection Services.”


– M.G.

Investment Manager

“I would like to highly recommend Equites Protection Services to any individual or company needing security services. The staff is extremely professional and reliable. I have employed Equites for personal protection for the past 3 years and have the utmost confidence in them. They are continuously prompt and courteous, and their performance has always been of the highest standards. There are times that my family needed to request security with very short notice, and these requests have always been met. I feel secure knowing that the people we are dealing with at Equites are very credible and knowledgeable in the skills needed to provide personal protection. Jose is very approachable and has always been at our disposal for any questions or concerns we may have either in person, by phone, or through emails. I have been extremely happy with Equites Protection Services and will definitely continue to use the company in the future for all of my family’s security needs.”


– D. T.

Special Events Manager/Promoter/DJ

“The professional services l experienced in working with Equites Protection Services has always been top notch. Equites Protection Services was able to quickly recognize any potential vulnerabilities and liabilities in my event rental spaces and recommend actions to take in order to avoid possible future Safety issues. I appreciated Jose (the owner’s) thorough site inspections prior to the event dates and his flexibility to work with me in adding last minute requests for additional security. Over all, my experience with Jose at Equites Protection Services was reassuring and completely professional. I’ve worked with Equites Protection Services on several events and would do so again without hesitation. I would greatly recommend Equites Protection Services to anyone in the special events business.”


– Y. R.

Visual Communications Designer

“E.P.S. is an amazing and professional company with a trustworthy and reliable staff. I used their services years ago for a personal matter. They were not only able to help, but very thorough and were able to walk me step by step on how to handle my situation and what might be the best possible options to go about it. They took their time and made themselves available at different hours which was great and made things easier on me. I know they work with some high-end clients which I am not, but they treated me with the same exact service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for any of their services.”


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