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Equites Protection Services Offers a Career Preparation Course in becoming a professional Bodyguard / Executive Protection Specialist In Today’s Security Industry

VIP / Bodyguard, Executive Protection Specialist Training Course

Welcome aboard EPS’s Protection Services VIP / Close Personal Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) Training Program! You can take this comprehensive bodyguard training course in-person or online in real-time. Our executive protection courses include sessions that will educate you on the principles that can help you become a professional close personal protection specialist in today’s competitive security industry.

The course will introduce you to bodyguard training books and executive protection training material. At the end of the course, you will receive a VIP / Close Personal Protection Specialist Training Certificate. This course will help you apply your learning to protect your clients and escort them from various locations, form security teams, set up advanced placements to safeguard your clients, and more.


EPS Offers Personal Sessions & More!

At EPS, we believe everyone has a different approach to learning that works best for them. It is why we offer one-on-one personal sessions, coaching, group networking sessions, and tailored mentoring at a pace you are comfortable with.

Here’s an overview of our bodyguard training course offerings and their practical applications:

  • Functions / Duties of a Personal Protection Specialist
  • A Thorough Breakdown of Responsibilities
  • Popular Misconceptions
  • Traveling with the Client/ Arriving at the Destination
  • Crisis Management Planning & Geographic Studies
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
  • Planning & Assigning Responsibilities
  • Emergency & Contingency Planning
  • Risk Analysis & Threat Vulnerability Evaluation

This Bodyguard Training Course Will Hone Your Executive Protection Skills

This course has relevant material designed to offer the foundational support you need to hone your skills, achieve your personal goals, and become a professional bodyguard who can manage direct threats and protect clients and their loved ones and assets from all types of criminal activity.

You will learn about the types of threats your clients can face in real life, the obstacles you might encounter, and how to prepare for them as a protection specialist to safeguard your client and their interests successfully. With EPS in your corner, you can head on your way to becoming a professional bodyguard and offer executive protection services & security guard services to your clients.

The Ultimate Bodyguard Training Guide

If you’re looking for career training or bodyguard training books, look no further than “Modern Operatives: The Ultimate Bodyguard Training Guide.”

Jose has used his on-field and industry expert experience to craft this book that will help you progress in your career as a professionally trained bodyguard. This, along with our bodyguard training course will act as your holy grail to make a smashing entry into the security industry.

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So, if you want to enter the security industry and make a mark as a qualified security and protection specialist, contact us right now. Equites Protection Service has the bodyguard training course, executive protection training books, and course material to help prepare you to stand out in the field of close personal protection.

Reach out to us to receive your information packet, including your student registration form, course study list, schedule of availability, affordable tuition fees, and student payment plan. Contact us if you have further questions, and rest assured, we will address them all.

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