Modern Operatives The Ultimate Bodyguard Training Guide

Modern Operatives: The Ultimate Bodyguard Training Guide, by Jose M. Marrero, is an ultimate coaching guide for aspiring bodyguards. It provides in-depth knowledge about the client’s expectations and the bodyguard’s constant heightened awareness and alertness.

The concept of executive protection is as old as the first threat. This Bodyguard / Executive Protection Specialist Career Reference Guide helps people understand, evaluate, and implement firearm, criminal, civil, private, intellectual, fire/safety code, and health laws in different scenarios.

The book provides inane knowledge about crisis management, firearm safety, tactical and self-defense methods, and risk mitigation. It also helps prepare the credentials required for being an ultimate bodyguard.


If becoming a bodyguard has piqued your interest, Jose Manuel Marrero’s Modern Operatives: The Ultimate Bodyguard Training Guide is exactly what you need. This comprehensive guide starts with the history of bodyguards and covers everything, from their types and responsibilities, the required and recommended weapons and equipment, to the rules and legislations of owning and carrying those weapons. Understanding clients, their backgrounds, and their individual needs is crucial for a bodyguard to be exceptional at what they do.

Marrero has provided security and close protection to judicial and political officials, dignitaries, celebrities, and political electoral campaigns, so he tells everything from his experience.

If you’re considering joining the security industry as a bodyguard, you need to learn about the necessary tactical training and understand the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that arise in difficult situations. Understanding the psychological perspective by applying profiling techniques is vital in neutralizing the threat.

Crisis management and survival require a crisis management plan, risk assessments, resource development, and an effective communication strategy – all of which you can learn by reading chapter 11 of this comprehensive guide.

The book also covers firearm credentials, transport requirements, safe houses, and command posts. Additional chapters cover Motorcade and Convoy Operations, VIP Concierge Services, and the credential preparation to start looking for a job.

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